Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama No Unity Articles

Clinton Supporters Offer to Help McCain - The Atlantic

Clinton Supporters will Defect - Drudge Report

How Many Hard Core Clinton Supporters will Defect? - Tampa Bay

Poll: Some Clinton Supporters Still Not Embracing Obama - CNN

Hillary Supporters Are Still Not Supporting Obama - Political Lore

John McCain finds cheerleader to rattle Obama - Times Online UK

Clinton's supporters not yet reconciled to vote for Obama - The Economic Times

Obama Strikes First - Real Clear Politics

Who's Smearing Whom - Politico

Obama said oops on 6 state Senate votes - L.A. Times

Obama's Public Funding Reversal Shows Character Flaw - USA Today

Mr. Obama's Waffle - Washington Post

Obama to 'Refine' Iraq Plan - Politico

Obama Struggles to Explain Iraq Stance - ABC

Obama Voters Protest His Switch on Telecom Immunity - NYT

Obama's Dodge on Handguns - Washington Post

The Ever Malleable Mr. Obama - Washington Post

The Two Obama's - NYT

A Man of Seasonal Principles - Real Clear Politics

Notes from the DLC: Obama Disses the Centrists - Time

Hill Yes! O No! - Washington Post

McCain Hunts Clinton Supporters - CNN

Clinton Supporters Protest Outside Obama Finance Meeting in DC - ABC Blog

Three Weeks Later Still No Unity in Unity - Hot Air

Obama's Get Over It Moment with Women - NYT Caucus Blog

“P.U.M.A” (Party Unity My A**) - Fox Greta Wire

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must 'kiss my ass' for his support -
Telegraph UK

Bill Clinton Tells Friends Obama Can Kiss His Butt - Fox News

Clinton supporters plan DNC rules committee protest - You Decide 2008

Democratic Party Poised for an Ugly End - CBS News

Will Clinton's Base Jump to McCain? - AP

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